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A 5e Monster Lair is a mini dungeon themed around a specific monster from Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. This campaign features 5 10 Monster Lairs spread across different challenge ratings so the Dungeon Master can have flexibility when introducing these dungeons in a campaign. With minor tweaks, these dungeons are compatible with older editions of D&D as well.

I've played too many dungeons that feel empty or don't cater to the skills of every class. I aimed to change that by creating unique dungeons with a wide variety of elements. After several months working on this project, here we are.

For the Dungeon Master, you'll have access to information on the history, physical characteristics, and tactics of each monster, a pre-made encounter map with detailed environment descriptions, and concise notes for each section of the dungeon to make sure your game runs smoothly.

For the Player, you'll have unique locations to explore, challenging fights with unique monsters, puzzles to solve, traps to evade, treasures to collect, secret rooms to find, NPCs to talk to, mysterious events, individual and group skill challenges, and so much more. 

The Purpose. Monster Lairs are meant for a simple purpose. They're meant for those nights when the Dungeon Master needs a break. Maybe life got in the way and took up all that time you were going to devote towards crafting more of your campaign, but couldn't. Before you know it, game night is a couple hours away. That can be stressful for a DM. I've been there many times. With Monster Lairs, you'll have prepared fun-packed encounters that will last you about 1-2 sessions per dungeon. I've constructed these dungeons to have short and concise notes that can be run in just 4-6 pages each.

Plot Hooks. Monster Lairs can be incorporated into the main plot of your campaign or the start to a fun side quest. Maybe your party has some time to kill before the next big event in your campaign and you want to tackle a nearby monster bounty? Perhaps these monsters are part of contracts assigned by a local monster hunter guild? Maybe each location contains a new clue or piece of a puzzle of larger design. Maybe a central character in your campaign is trapped in one of these locations? Maybe your group simply wants to kick some monster butt and test your new attacks? There are many options for including these dungeons into your group's campaign.

Please keep in mind that the word "dungeon" is a very loose term I use to describe the locations that these monsters are found. Some locations include a mountainside tavern, a pirate hideout on the beach side, and an abandoned underground dwarven forge. 

Want to know what you'll be in for? Keep reading for a link to a FREE MONSTER LAIR BELOW as a thank you for your time and a sample for your group to play this upcoming game night!

This work is one of my biggest passions in life. I start by hand drawing each map so I can really get a sense for how the space of each dungeon feels. This process takes me 6-10 hours, with the aid of SO MUCH coffee. Then I take that map, scan it, digitally enhance it for the book, and begin writing the descriptions for each room. I  offer easy-to-read descriptions of each section in a dungeon so you can more easily bring each lair alive for your players.

I spend hours researching each monster and trying to craft a memorable dungeon using my own modified version of the "Dungeon Checklist". This checklist allows me to include a little bit of everything in each dungeon. Too many adventures leave out things like secret rooms, difficult terrain, or weird little things that may make no sense at all. These, and other elements, are things that make a dungeon really interesting and memorable. Each Monster Lair is sure to keep your players on their toes and wanting more.

Below is an example of one of the maps after I hand draw it, and what it looks like after its been digitally altered to put in the book.

Below is a FREE sample of a Monster Lair  based on the Medusa so you can know exactly what to expect.

Each Monster Lair will have a similar layout and design. Try this Monster Lair in your next game session and let me know what you think. If you like what you see, pledge to this campaign and get at least five more monster lairs on top of that, all created with the same level of detail and care. Tell your friends!


The base Monster Lair book will have at least five TEN! mini dungeons, or enough content to play at least five to ten sessions depending on the speed of your games. The Monster Tracker tier will receive all the digital files, while the Monster Hunter tier will receive the digital files AND a physical book. There is also a Monster Hunter Guild option for retail store buyers that includes a slight discount for a bulk order.

The digital files of the full size HD encounter maps will be available to download after launch for every tier on my website.

The book will also include an index that gives you references to the page numbers of monsters and items in the core books (Players Handbook, Monster Manual, etc). I may include extra pages just for notes, but that's still to be determined. 

Below are the monsters that are themed in the core set, before stretch goals. The book will have several "Monster Dossiers" that detail each monster and the dungeon they inhabit. 


I am the owner of and it's one of my missions to bring free kid-friendly adventure content to as many people as I can. My main goal with this campaign is to provide more mature D&D players with some fun adventures so I can raise money to devote more time creating free kid-friendly adventures for my website.  The more money raised by this project, the more adventures people will get, and the more free kid-friendly adventures I will be able to create for my website. That's a win-win in my book. 

If you have D&D kiddos, or know someone that does, check out my website All of the 5e adventures on that website are free. As of now, I have written over 10 kid-friendly D&D 5e adventures available free for anyone to download.

Available Rewards:

$33USD + Shipping


Pledge this tier if you want a physical booklet.


  • All Unlocked Stretch Goals (Physical and PDF)
  • Monster Lairs Book (Physical)
  • Monster Lairs Book (Digital PDF)
$15USD + Shipping


This tier is for those who only want the digital files.


  • Monster Lairs Book (Digital PDF)
  • All Unlocked Stretch Goals (Digital PDF)
$250USD + Shipping


This option is for retail stores needing a bulk order.


  • x10 Monster Lair Books
  • All Unlocked Stretch Goals (Digital PDF)
  • Monster Lairs Book (Digital PDF)

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